12 September 2010

The Final Countdown

Teacher training begins in 6 days...  I went to Theraputics today (awesome as usual - my back loves this class) and also picked up my schoolbooks.  I had a "new" injury to add to the list... I've pulled a muscle in my right hip somehow this week.  I would guess it's from belly dancing - except that I first noticed it the day BEFORE dance class. But it's definitely more aggravated since yesterday's performance at Prestige, so the hip waggling is certainly a factor in whatever is going on.  It feels looser after yoga though, so hopefully it's on the mend and won't inhibit me this week.

I still need to write my "What is yoga to you" essay - I've started composition in my head actually, playing with a few different ideas and trying to decide which way to take the writing.  Just need to set pen to paper (or, fingers to keyboard) and get things going.

In general this week is just focusing on preparing myself and the boys for the start of my training. I'm immersing myself in the idea of preparation... Tonight's project is meal planning and prep so that we all eat healthfully this weekend, and I have easy meals ready for them to have on the weekend when I am not around.  We have loads of awesome produce from our CSA, and I stocked up on proteins today at Trader Joe's, so I'm ready to play in the kitchen for a few hours tonight (and looking forward to it too!).

6 days... I am so excited!  Also terrified. But I'm paying attention to the excitement and trying to ignore the terror. LOL

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