31 March 2014


At the end of last year we finally made the decision it was time to invest in a new computer. My old desktop was around 5 years old and slower than molasses. I had some ideas for freelance work, but it would have been a serious exercise in frustration if I attempted to work on my old machine.

So a shiny new laptop was acquired on the agreement that when the new year began I'd seek out freelance editing and writing jobs in an effort to establish a small income. My primary goal was to earn enough to send my daughter to preschool in the fall. However, the new year came and we were busy recovering from traveling for the holidays. Then busy with activities for my son's school. Then my daughter had the flu (H1N1). Finally it was March and I realized I needed to get myself in gear.

I'm now busily updating my information on LinkedIn and Guru, bidding on jobs, and learning how to incorporate working at home into my life. I should not be surprised that my yoga training gives me so many tools to manage this change and attempt to achieve balance: the yoga of every day life, as I like to think of it. Pranayama (breath work) to manage stress, asana to keep my body and mind flexible, aryurveda to keep my body healthy... The eight limbs reach into every aspect of my life and I am grateful for my experiences in teacher training and teaching yoga. Although I'm not currently teaching, these experiences enhance my daily life in so many ways. And so, moving forward, the posts on this blog will be more focused upon how yoga reaches into every day life. I hope to teach again someday not too far in the future, and will continue to write about that experience when the opportunity arises.

 Yogaś citta-vritti-nirodhaḥ - Patanjali