28 March 2011

Week 8: Teaching Script

Savasana + Yoga Philosophy

Before we get into savasana, gather any props you may need: a bolster for under your knees, a blanket for under your head, an eye pillow. Ensure anything you need is within reach, and then lie on your back, placing the props where you need them. Extend your legs fully, softening your thighs and letting your legs fall open to whatever point is comfortable. Inhale and feel the length in your spine from tailbone to neck. Exhale and feel your neck and jaw soften as your arms open on the floor, palms facing the ceiling. Close your eyes and gently bring your focus to your breath. Let your mind be still as you focus on how soft your breath is, inhaling and exhaling slowly and softly. Take a moment to notice if there is any tension or discomfort in your body, and adjust your position if necessary so you may come fully to rest in comfort. Exhale and feel the tension melt away from your body, letting go of any worries or frustration that arose during your practice today. Inhale and feel a warm white light enter your heart, as if your breath could move the light inside of you. Exhale, and let the light flow through your body, up your throat and out the crown of your head; down your arms and out your hands, down your spine and each leg to exit through each foot. Repeat this image, letting the light flow into your heart and throughout your body with each breath, as you relax more deeply into your savasana. Feel the work of your practice today – your body is but one part of you just as asana, the physical practice of yoga, is but one part of yoga. Asana has an impact on your mind as well – as you learn to align your body in each pose, you are focusing your mind and learning to concentrate fully. During such concentration, your mind is undisturbed by the myriad of negative thoughts that may interfere with your practice. When you notice your focus is broken and your attention begins to wander during your practice, take a moment to return your concentration to your breath. Allow it to be your center, your touchstone. Focus on your breath and then return to the pose, refocused and reenergized.

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